Our Neighbours: The Living - exhibition summary

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The 8th - 16th June 2012 saw the 18th edition of the annual Festival of Sacred Music in the city of Fes.  This is one of the largest festivals in Morocco and I was very honoured to have been asked to be a part of this year's visual arts programme.  By the kind invitation of the director of the festival, Mr Faouzi Skali and Mr Mohammed Mernissi, Riad Reda provided a truly beautiful backdrop for 22 new paintings in an exhibition entitled "Our Neighbours: The Living, Animals of Morocco".  



The paintings showcase four animals with particular cultural importance to Morocco and especially to the region of Fes, the Barbary Lion, Barbary Sheep, Barbary Deer and Barbary Macaque.   These four species all face great uncertainty, however, there are conservation programmes to protect and highlight the situation of the deer, sheep and monkeys in the wild and, with hope, through the efforts of the Zoological Gardens in Rabat, the Nationals Parks of Morocco and zoos across Europe and America there is a possibility that one day we may see the re-introduciton of the Barbary Lion into the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.  It is my wish that these paintings connect us with four animals that will act as ambassadors for Morocco, and celebrate the theme of this year's Sacred Music Festival  'Re-enchanting The World' and so reminding us of the importance of the fragile and beautiful relationship between nature and our human culture.  


     Mr Faouzi Skali at the Musee Batha with 'Atlas Lions with Carved Plaster & Gold Motif II'

It was an honour to have the presence of Mr Andre Azoulay, Senior Advisor to H.M Mohammed VI, at the private view of the exhibition, below are two photos of him viewing the paintings at Riad Reda and a statement he made about the work.

"Our Sovereign ... was particularly sensitive to the theme of your work and to your talent which, is dedicated to the preservation of our animal heritage ... my congratulations and best wishes for your success."

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        Mr Andre Azoulay at Riad Reda with 'Atlas Lions with Carved Plaster & Gold Motif I'

YES P1040103

Please go to the next entry of the blog if you would like to see more photos from the exhibition and if you are interested, I hope to post a film about the festival, broadcast by the Moroccan channel 2M, here shortly.

Finally, I am very excited to share the news that the paintings will be on show again together with other paintings and watercolours of Moroccan animals for 1 month in the Gallery of the newly opened Zoological Gardens in Rabat scheduled for October.  I will post information about this exhibition so please check the site or email me through the Contact Page if you would like to know more details about the event or if you would like a price list for the exhibition at Riad Reda.  All images can be seen in the Gallery section of the site.  By clicking the following link you can read more about the Fes Fesitval and a brief review of my exhibition www.fesfestival.com.

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