Commission A Painting

An original painting can make a wonderful gift, whether given on a special occasion to a friend, family member or even for oneself!  Commemorating the arrival of a new baby, a significant birthday, a wedding present, or in honour of a beloved pet to a reminder of a safari holiday.  The reasons are limitless, if you would like to celebrate something personal to you, I'd love to hear your idea and help you visualise it into a painting that you'll love. 

A commmission is a 'one-off' painting so I will work to suit your budget.  Prices start at £70 for small ink drawings and watercolours, however, if you'd like an 8" oil on canvas, I'd be more than happy to oblige!  Please email your ideas, photos you'd like me to work from, any other personal details, colours or scenery you'd like included via the Contact page.

Click on the images below to browse a selection of previous commissions.  

(work in this section of the site is already sold)

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highland Stag
Crinnan Cottage, 20x30cm P1013172
landscape Caroline Hunter borders landscape
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